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Giti TR. Co. Ltd. is a travel agent and tour operator that specializes in inbound tourism in Thailand with Registered office in Pattaya. We are bonded and licensed by the Tourist Authority of Thailand (TAT). Giti TR. Co. Ltd. is a real company with staff on the ground in Thailand and not just another tour brooker website. Giti TR. Co. Ltd. began its activities in 2017 as a tour and travel agency in the Pattaya city . In 2017, we started our activities as a tour operator, with tours in Pattaya at first, then all tourist Place in Thailand. Giti TR. Co. Ltd. continues to thrive within the tourism industry in Thailand and is now one of its top tour providers. We also maintain close relationships with several other Thailand travel operators and trekking companies with which we cooperate for tours.

Giti TR. Co. Ltd. offers an interesting series of tours, which have been carefully designed with extensive consideration from its founders. Giti TR. Co. Ltd. tour customers can be assured to be escorted and pampered with great attention by their guide and driver team. Individuals concerned with driver safety will be reassured that we carefully screen our staff in respect to this. Our tours are completely operated by Travel Hub, whose staff arranges all the details. All tours are clearly indicated as such on our website (tours by partner operators are also clearly indicated). Giti TR. Co. Ltd. has a simple philosophy, we strive to make your time with us as enjoyable as possible. Our belief is that a satisfied customer will share his or her experience with others in a positive way. Giti TR. Co. Ltd. tours are currently being conducted in all tourist place in thailand.

Giti TR. Co. Ltd. currently collaborates with various activity, tour operators in Thailand. In partnership with these companies, we offer adventure sports, specialty tours, entertainment shows. It’s important to note that Giti TR. Co. Ltd. requires very high standards from its collaborators; this means that only the very best can be part of our selection. To reach and maintain this level of excellence, here are the actions we take to monitor our partners. A member of our staff will physically take part in a tour as a normal customer, a report and decision are subsequently made in this regard.

Finally we regularly keep track of independent review websites and use their feedback to guide us in our decision

In the event that a company performs poorly, we will NOT work with them! We also will sell partner tours at a significant discount when permitted; note that we never sell these tours at a higher price than the advertised operator price.

Giti TR. Co. Ltd. is bonded and licensed through TAT (Tourist Authority of Thailand) to sell its services online (www.gititour.com). You might find it interesting to note that only very few tour operators in Pattaya boast of such a status. The majority of operators marketing tours online actually act outside of the authorized legislation of TAT, which means that customers are not protected when purchasing one of their products or services through the websites of these non-licensed companies.